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We are engaged in manufacturing of Cylinder Liners which are casted by latest and hitech manufacturing process. These have bearing metal qualities that cause skin healing after abrasion and a structure that is readily wetted by oil and retains an oil film. Special alloying metals like Moly, Nickel, Chrome improves Corrosion resistance further. These liners have the capability of centrifugally forcing impurities which are lighter than the iron to the bore surface from which they are removed by machining.
We produce and offer all types of wet and dry liners for all the below categories:
  • Automobiles like cars, trucks, tractors
  • Refrigeration compressors
  • Air compressors
  • Heavy earth movers
  • Marine engines
  • Stationary diesel engines
  • Cast iron bars.
We also supply special centrifugal proof machined castings / ready products for industrial & Hydraulic applications as per provided drawings or samples.
Salient features of liners:
  • Manufactured by centrifugal casting / shell casting, advanced version of conventional casting & precise machining
  • The liners are machined under high-tech SPMs and CNC machines.
  • Developed according to OEM standards (Metal structure, Dimensions)
  • All liners are having cohesive metal structure; gives require "higher" hardness and scuff resistance.
  • Special machining system that produce outer diameter with accurate size and shiny body for aesthetic look.
  • The liners are made from technically advance and eco friendly production system
  • High profile Honing and Cylindrical Grinding to match geometrical parameters
  • Stringent Material and microstructure analysis of batch
  • 100% dimensional inspection in process and finished components
  • Fourth decade of manufacturing experience and expertise with one roof manufacturing outlet
  • Production capacity of 50000 pieces per month
Production capacity:
 Inner Diameter  45 mm – 250 mm
 Outer Diameter  50 mm – 300 mm
 Total Length  60 mm – 500 mm