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Jaidarshanindocraft Pvt. Ltd. made a humble entry in the manufacturing of centrifugally cast cylinder liners under the management of first generation entrepreneur Mr. Mahendra Shah. And today it is an OEM Supplier, ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The liners are made exclusively by latest and eco friendly, in house centrifugal casting facility.

Along with OE Supply to Industrial refrigeration engine, Company possesses a dominating presence in the After Market. its products are marketed under the brand name of "JAI NO.1” & “MDT"

Company has Hi tech manufacturing facility Backed by a strong Research and Development team with over four decades of manufacturing excellence in engine Cylinder liners, today JaidarshanIndocraft Pvt. Ltd. produce liners for all type of Car , commercial trucks, tractors, air compressors, refrigeration ammonia compressors, heavy earth movers, marine engines and special liners etc.

At JaidarshanIndocraft Pvt. Ltd. we rigorously put in our best efforts to develop the best quality liners and sleeves. We can develop any cylinder liner as per required dimensions and provided drawing or sample for regular business association.